Jose Alberto Doria de la Llata 

*Dec 29, 1884 - †Apr 6, 1919


a) Tombsone reads "Asleep in Jesus Good by my beloved one"
Trinity Lutheran Church records (in Soulard) say that when
married, he was "of" Jimenez, Fananlipas (Tamaulipas), Mexico
It also gives his birthdate as 12-29-1884, age 22

Marriage application states that he is of 3642 Hickory and
Hertha of 2302 Menard St.

Died of pneumonia that was contracted while working on a bridge
in Mexico. Trinity Church Records give mourners as: widow, 2
children, parents, parents-in-law

Met Hertha at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, St. Louis
County, MO. He first 'went with' Hertha's sister Minnie while
his brother Manuel Jr. 'went with' Hertha. Sometime later they
'switched' and married.

1910 Census
Ward 14, St. Louis City, Amos Avenue (?????)
box number 2052
Joseph A. D., head, male, white, age 24, married, born Mexico,
father Mexico, mother Mexico, immigrated 1903 to MO, speaks
English, is an Engineer at ???? Plant, working currently, wasn't
unemployed during year, reads, writes, rents a house, space
"number of farm schedule" says 12, spaces that say "whether a
carrier of the Union or Confederate Army or ???," "whether blind
(both eyes)," and "whether deaf and dumb" are all marked with a
"9" (not sure what this means)
Mrs. J. A. D., wife, female, white, 23, married, mother of 4, 2
children living, Mo, Germany, Germany, speaks Enligh, no
occupation, reads and writes
Gloria, daughter, female, white, age 3, single, MO, MO, MO
Jose, son, male, white, age 1, single, MO, MO, MO

WWI Draft Registration Card
Jose Adalberto Doria
2052 Ann Ave, St. Louis, MO
Age 32
dob December 29th, 1885
checked: white
checked: declarant under Alien
subject of Mexico
Occupation: Stationary Engineer
Employeer: Merchants Ice & Food Co.
13th & Papin (?) St., St. Louis
Nearest relative: wife Hattie Doria
same address written
Checked: Medium Height
Checked: Medium Build
Brown Eyes
Black Hair
Dated September 12, 1918

"DORIA - Entered into rest on Sunday, April 6, 1919, at San
Ysidro, California Joe A. Doria, beloved husband of Hattie Doria
(nee Schulze) and dear father of Glorita and Joseph Doria and
dear son-in-law of Louis and Augusta Schulze.
"Funeral on Monday, April 14 at 2:30pm from the residence of L.
Schulze, 2302 Menard Street, to Concordia Cemetery. Motor."

Border Crossings:
03 Jul 1910 - Name: Jose Doria, Port: Laredo, Race: Mexican, Sex: Male, Affiliate Record Identifier: A3379_20-3274
23 Sep 1913 - Name: Jose Doria, Port: Laredo, Race: Mexican, Sex: Male, Affiliate Record Identifier: A3379_20-3307