Dr. Manuel Maria Doria de la Llata Jr. MD 

*May 28, 1883 - †Feb 12, 1943


a) According to Trinity Lutheran Church records (in Soulard), Manuel was already an MD and was "of" Jimenez, Tammanlipos (Tamaulipas), Mexico

Went to St. Louis University
Was already a MD at time of marriage, name on certificate is Manuel M. Doria Jr. MD
Certificate also says that he is of 2304 Menard and Minnie of 2302 Menard

1920 Census
San Ysidro, San Diego Twp, San Diego Co, CA
East Park Ave, page 13
#37/39 DORIA
MM, head, rents, age 36, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Physician,
General Practice, immigrated 1906 (or 1900)
Mamia, wife, 30, MO, Germany, Germany
Consuelo, daughter, 11, immigrated 1910 (or 1916), Mex, Mex, MO
Alma, daughter, 8, immigrated 1910 (or 1916), Mex, Mex, MO
Hattie, sister in law, 32, widowed, MO, Germany, Germany
Joseph, nephew, 11, MO, Mex, MO

1930 Census; April 3
1079 Cypress Way, San Diego Twp, San Diego Co, CA
Sheet 2B, #51/56 DORIA
Manial M., head, owns house, home worth $10,000, owns radio, not a farm, age 47, was 25 at first marriage, reads/writes, born Mexico, father Mexico, mother Spain, immigrated 1904, naturalization AL, physician, medical, employer
Mamie, wife, age 42, 19 at first marriage, reads, writes, born MO, father Hamburg (?) Germany, mother Germany
Consuelo, daughter, 21, single, born Mexico, father Mexico, mother MO, secretary, medical
Alma, daughter, 18, single, born Mexico, Mexico, MO, secretary in department store
Ruth, daughter 8, single, attended school this year, born CA, Mexico, MO
CUELLAS or CUELLAR, Reymundo, nephew, "mixed", age 21, single, attended school, reads, writes, born Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, came to US 1929, citizenzhip "AL", speaks English, no occupation

1933 San Diego County Directory
(in bold) DORIA MANUEL M JR, M D (Mamie), Physician and Surgeon,
804 Watts Bldg, 520 E, Tel Franklin 5715, h4267 Jefferson Av,
Tel Randolph 0555

Death date from gravestone. Gravestone also gives birthdate as 5-28-1884, so not sure on that one yet.

b) Minnie Schulze is mother of: Consuelo "Connie" D. Doria (*1909), Alma Christine Maria Doria (*1911) and Ruth Doria (*1921)

c) Oliva Rasmussin is mother of: and Albeto Doria MD (*1939)

  • Medical Doctor