Maria Maclovia de la Llata Salinas 

*Nov 15, 1861 - †Feb 6, 1929


a) From the family of Pertenecian (sp?), Spain
Letter from Guadelupe (sp?) Doria (maiden name, sister to Jose) to Hertha Schulze said that the family of De La Llata was from Spain, and moved to Jimenez, Tamaulipas, Mexico. "Family included of Ramon, Andreas, Julio, Elsa, Senon. Another brother whose name is not given remain in Queretaro, Mexico."

Was photographed with husband in October of 1919; they gave one to Hertha, their daughter-in-law with this inscription:
"Para mis hyos Hattie y Pepe
la primera vive sobre la tierra
el sequndo mor a all en elcielp;
pero para ambos es un resuerdo.
Manuel y Maclovia El primers a los
65 anos de ad y la sequnda a los
San Diego Cal, 19 de Octubos 1919.

"To my children Hattie and Pepe
The first one lives on earth, the
second one lives in Heaven, but for
both this is a rememberance.
Manuel and Maclovia. The first at
the age of 65 and the second at the
age of 58."

Record fround in LDS archives gives her christening as Nov 26, 1861 and parents as Ramon de la Llata and Maria Guadalupe Salinas. Christened at Los Cinco Senores, Santander Jimenez, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Gravestone, however, gives birth date as 15 Nov 1864.
Therefore, I am taking the birth date as 15 Nov 1861.