Manuel Doria 

*between 1907 and 1909 - †before Apr 26, 1910


a) died at birth -- not sure where I got this, possibly from Grandma
Shares a stone with brother Antone

No death certificate for Manuel. He must have been born and died before the 1910 census (26 April). Hattie, on census, is listed as the mother of 4, with 2 living. There is time for him to have been born premature and died between Glorita and Joseph as well as immediately after Joseph, before Ethel. Depending on gestation time, there is also time for him to have been born/died after Ethel or after Louis Manuel. However, that only works if he was born in Mexico and I don't know that they would bury him in St. Louis while Ethel is buried in Mexico; it would also add a pre-1910 child who died that we don't have a name for. Missouri required death certificates starting in 1910 so it is most likely he was born and died before this began and before the 1910 census. So my guess is that most of this likely took place in 1909, possibly into early 1910.

  • between 1907 and 1909