Louis L. Doria 

*Jan 31, 1918 - †Feb 1, 1918


a) I am not sure about this individual, really. I came across his death certificate and he did not match any of the other children I already had listed. At first I thought he might have been Manuel and the names confused somewhere, but now I'm not sure, now that I look and see the photo of the tombstone that reads Manuel and Antone. So I add him as another person until I find evidence to prove otherwise.

Cause of death for this little one who lived only four and a half hours is listed as congenital debility due to premature birth at 6 and a half months as well as acute pulmonary congestion.

At the time of his birth/death, the family lived at 2052 Ann Ave in St. Louis.

  • Feb 1, 1918
  • St. Louis City, MO
  • Cause of death: Congenital debility - premature birth at 6.5 month