Laverne Anne Reaves 

*Aug 31, 1920 - †Aug 10, 1923


a) Died from Diphtheria
Lived with her Aunt Nettie McManus Christman after her mother
died in April of 1923

Death certificate states the following:
Location at death (residence and death): 2228 Jules St.
Born August 31, 1920
Died August 10, 1923; 10.07pm
Age 2 years, 11 months, 9 days
Cause of death: Broncho Pneumonia
Secondary factor: Whooping Cough
Born: St. Louis
Father: Luther Reaves, born Tennessee
Mother: Nellie McManus, born Tennessee
Informant: Luther Reaves, same location
Buried: St. Matthew's Cemetery on August 13.

Death certificate gives her name as Lavern Reaves, no middle name.