Elsie Griewe 

*Nov 19, 1849 - †Nov 22, 1928


a) or Eliza
Elsie on death certif
Eliza on marriage certif

"Mourners: 3 daughters, 5 sons."

Jefferson County Record
Hillsboro, Mo., April 27, 1911
May Term, 1911 : : : : Beginning Monday, May 8.
80 vs
August GRIEVE et al

Jefferson County Record
Hillsboro, MO., March 30, 1911
~Order of Publication~
to the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Mo., in vacation, February 10th, 1911.
Mina BARKEMEIER and Henry BARKEMEIER, her husband, Auguste SCHULZE and Louis SCHULZE her husband, Elise FULL and Meta LIEBHOLTZ, Plaintiffs,
August GRIEWE and Else GRIEWE, his wife and Samuel LIEBHOLTZ, Defendants,
Now at this day come the plaintiffs herein herein[sic] by their attorneys, and file petition alleging, among other things, that defendant Samuel LIEBHOLTZ has absconded and absented himself from his usual place of abode in this state; whereupon, it is ordered by the undersigned clerk of said court, in vacation, that said defendant be notified by publication that plaintiff's have commenced a suit against him in this court, the object and general nature of which is to obtain a decree in partition in and to the following described real estate, situate, lying and being in the county of Jefferson, the the State of Missouri, to wit:
The south-east quarter of section one (1) in township forty (40), range three (3) east, containing 160 acres. Also the west one fourth of the east half of the south east quarter and the east three fourth of the west half of the south-east quarter of section four (4) in township forty (40), range four (4) east, containing 80 acres.
And that unless the said Samuel LIEBHOLTZ be and appear at the court, at the next term thereof, to be begun and holden at the court house in the town of Hillsboro, in said county, on the second Monday of May, next, and on or before the first day of said term, answer or plead to the petition in said cause, the same will be taken as confessed and judgment will be rendered accordingly.
And it is further ordered, that a copy hereof be published, according to law, in the Jefferson County Record, a newspaper published in said county of Jefferson for four weeks successively, published at least once a week, the last insertion to be at least thirty days before the first day of said next May term of this court. W. J. A. SCHUBEL,
Clerk Circuit Court
A true copy from the record.
Whereas my hand and seal of the circuit court for Jefferson county, this 10th day of February, 1911.
Seal W. J. A. SCHUBEL,
32t5 Clerk Circuit Court