Ancestors of Professor Manuel Maria

I just completed adding the information I have been given by our cousins as far as Manuel's ancestors.  There's a pretty good chart going back to 1630 with Juan De Oria Sanchez.  Pretty interesting stuff.  I believe I have added all of the proper last names and suffix information.  Lots of siblings left off but the chart is only one page so it can only hold so much.  See the chart on Juan's page....
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new site

After repeated requests, we're trying this again.  Unfortunately, however, I was unable to use the program I used to use and bought this one instead.  I'm still learning it, please keep that in mind.  I imported the file from my computer program and have been trying to fix any errors that occured in import.  The biggest issue seems to be simply that many living individuals were not tagged "living" and are displayed publicly.  I think I have them all hidden now but I could...
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